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About us

Our company is located on the Black Sea coast of Turkey was founded in 1999 in Samsun province. While continuing its activities in the ready-to-wear sector and locally in the first years, we have developed and continue to develop ourselves in the construction, automotive, jewelery, packaging and food sectors with the demands coming in the coming period as a result of the trust, quality and fast services we have given to our customers. In line with the demands from abroad, we have started to provide services to customers in Europe and then the USA.

With the support provided by Chamber of Commerce and VOCATIONAL GROUP that we are affiliated with; AND BEING AT THE PREPARATION AND APPROVAL PHASES IN OUR NEW PROJECTS AS WE HAVE APPROVED A LARGE PART OF OUR GROWTH AND EXPORT FOCUSED PROJECTS THAT WE OFFER TO THE STATE CHANNELS. IN 2017, WE OPEN OUR FIRST BRANCH IN THE USA AND CONTINUE TO GROW OUR COMPANY WITH SURE STEPS IN ORDER TO PROVIDE OUR REGIONAL CUSTOMERS SAFE COLLABLE QUALITY SERVICES. TURKEY the expert in the field, with a large and advanced packaging manufacturers to have our company, our partnership agreements in this field makes it even more powerful. We continue to carry our company to the future without compromising our goal of smooth and safe customer satisfaction with land, sea, air transportation options and delivery processes where they wish, in line with the demands of customers for all countries. Give effot, heed, give information, but dont let go.

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